Director Lynne Ramsay Sets Her First Film in Five Years

One of Britain's best film directors, Lynne Ramsay, is heading to colder climes to being a Margaret Atwood story to film.

Lynne Ramsay

One of Britain’s best film directors, Lynne Ramsay, is heading to colder climes to bring a Margaret Atwood story to film.

Comfortably one of the UK’s finest and most acclaimed film directors, Lynne Ramsey’s next project sees her bringing the words of Margaret Atwood to the screen.

It’s Atwood’s short story Stone Mattress that’s the focus here, and Ramsay will be making a film version that’s set to star Julianna Moore and Sandra Oh in the lead roles.

Furthermore, this one’s accelerating. Production is set to take place this autumn, covering Greenland and Iceland. That’s going to be crucial to the movie’s locale, given that it’s set on a cruise ship in the Arctic. Winter woollies are advised for the shoot of the film.

Lynne Ramsay

Stone Mattress looks like it’s about to land a UK distributor too. The film is one of many being sold this week at the Cannes Film Festival, and Studiocanal is reported to be sniffing around the UK rights.

Ramsay has penned the script for this one alongside Tom Townend. It’ll be her first feature film since 2017’s terrific You Were Never Really Here (a movie whose thunder was arguably stolen a year or two later – unfairly – by Joker), and in turn, that followed the extraordinary We Need To Talk About Kevin by six years.

It’s a real shame that, genuinely, one of our best filmmakers doesn’t get the opportunity to make a movie more often. It does, on the upside, make it more of a treat when she does.

More on the film as we hear it.

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