Elon Musk Accused of Sexual Harassment by Employee

SpaceX paid an employee $250,000 to silence a claim she was sexually harrassed by the Elon Musk in 2016, according to report from Insider.

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SpaceX paid an employee $250,000 to silence a claim she was sexually harrassed by Elon Musk in 2016, according to report from Insider.

The unnamed employee was working as a flight attendant at the time. She alleges Mr. Musk exposed his penis to her, propositioned her for sex, asked her to “do more” during a massage and offered to buy her a horse.

After she raised the incident to SpaceX – a company founded by Musk and of which he’s CEO – she was paid $250,000 in a severance agreement. 


This is the first and only known allegation of, and settlement for, sexual misconduct tied personally to Musk. 

When Insider contacted Musk over the story, he asked for more time to respond and said there is “a lot more to this story.” He added: “If I were inclined to engage in sexual harassment, this is unlikely to be the first time in my entire 30-year career that it comes to light,” calling the story “politically motivated hit piece.”

The allegations appear to explain a Tweet from the Tesla and SpaceX CEO on May 18. He wrote, “In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party. But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican. Now, watch their dirty tricks campaign against me unfold…”

A day later, Insider’s report arrived.

The supposed political motivation for the allegations was reiterated in a Tweet from Musk this morning:

Musk – the world’s richest man, worth over $200 billion – is in an ongoing effort to buy the social media giant Twitter. 

The evidence in the Insider report comes from interviews and documents obtained by the outlet. Further “details are drawn from the declaration as well as other documents, including email correspondence and other records shared with Insider” by a friend of the alleged victim.

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