Film Quiz Podcast hosted By Nick Helm now available

Do you like podcasts? Are you a fan of films? What about quizzes? If the answer’s yes to any of them then the new Film Quiz Podcast, hosted by Nick Helm, will be just for you.

Film Quiz Podcast with Nick Helm

Launching with two episodes today, the shows have been filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Hosted by film-loving comedian Nick Helm – and his trusty sidekick Huge Davies, who obviously knows how to keep score – the show is brought to you by the team behind the award-winning show The Film Stories Podcast, in collaboration with whynow.

Putting the contestants through their film quiz paces, each episode sees three comedians battle it out to become the film quiz champion, with the likes of Richard Herring, Eshaan Akhbar, Esther Manito and Stevie Martin all competing in the first season.

Film Quiz Podcast

A quick heads up of some of the slightly fruity language (we did our best to contain Nick), which make it unofficially a 15-rating.

But regardless, if you like films, quizzes, podcasts – or any of them at all – then be sure to check out the brand-new Film Quiz Podcast, the first two episodes of which are out now.

Check out Episode 1, featuring Jenny Bede, Jordan Brookes and Richard Herring here:

And then, when you’re done with that, listen to Episode 2, with Athena Kugblenu, Stevie Martin and Luke McQueen here:

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