Cat Burns releases new single ‘End Game’ from upcoming album ‘Early Twenties’

With her debut album on the horizon, Cat Burns releases 'End Game,' an acoustic ballad that reflects on growth and overcoming hardships.

cat burns

Emerging talent Cat Burns has released her latest single, ‘End Game,’ a poignant acoustic ballad from her forthcoming debut album, Early Twenties, set to be released on July 12th. The South London singer-songwriter continues to captivate audiences with her heartfelt approach to pop music, which delves into personal narratives and life’s complex emotions.

Describing her latest work, Burns presents ‘End Game’ as an exploration of a diminishing relationship, encapsulating themes of personal growth and resilience. The track signifies a new phase in her music career, marked by a more stripped-back and honest sound that has defined her breakthrough in the pop scene.

The release is accompanied by a music video directed by Libbie Burke Wilde, featuring a cameo from English actor Sam Bottomley. The video is the first of several planned for the album’s promotion, setting a visual narrative for the themes addressed in her songs.

Cat Burns is also gearing up for a series of performances across the UK and Europe, with sold-out shows in cities like Bristol, Amsterdam, Manchester, and London.

Listeners can tune into the new track and anticipate a deeper dive into Burns’ introspective and relatable songwriting with the upcoming release of Early Twenties.

Photo credit: Tami Aftab

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