Grateful Dead make history with 59th Top 40 Album on Billboard

Grateful Dead now hold the record for the most Top 40 albums on the Billboard 200, surpassing icons like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

grateful dead

Grateful Dead just set a monumental record in the music charts, outpacing Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra with their latest archival release, Dave’s Picks, Volume 49.

Landing at number 25 on this week’s Billboard 200, this marks their 59th entry into the Top 40 Albums chart, a feat unmatched in history.

This achievement comes as a sweet note, especially since the majority of these chart-toppers emerged posthumously for the band following Jerry Garcia’s passing in 1995. A significant push to this legacy has been the Dave’s Picks series, curated by David Lemieux, which alone contributed to over 41 entries into the Top 40 since 2012.

In other Grateful Dead news, Dead & Company, which includes Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Mickey Hart, along with John Mayer and others, are set to take up residency at the Las Vegas Sphere in 2024. While specific dates are still under wraps, they’re expected to grace the stage for at least 15 shows next spring in the $2 billion venue, continuing the legacy of their trailblazing predecessors.

This buzz comes amidst talks of Dead & Company’s “final tour” in the summer of 2023, hinting at a potential end to their live performances. According to John Mayer, fans can anticipate an exciting, celebratory, and heartfelt series of shows as they possibly bid adieu to touring.

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