Automotion drop new single ‘Speaking the Static’

London’s Automotion unveil new single 'Speaking the Static' from Dissolve, out 19th June.


London-based band Automotion has released their latest single, ‘Speaking the Static’, ahead of their new EP Dissolve, which will be available on 19th June. The band will celebrate with an EP launch show at The Lexington in London on the same day. Tune in here.

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‘Speaking the Static’ is produced and mixed by Patrick James Fitzroy, known for his work with PVA, Sorry, and Katy J Pearson. The single features gentle vocals and dynamic riffs, showcasing Automotion’s melodic side. The band commented, “’Speaking the Static’ is our attempt to rework and refine our melodic side, drifting between softer arpeggio led sections and crashing down with heavier fuzz riffs demanding the listeners attention”.

Automotion, a regular presence in the South London live scene, especially at The Windmill in Brixton, consists of Jesse Hitchman (Guitar and Vocals), Lennon Gallagher (Guitar and Vocals), Finton Eatwell-Hurst (Bass), and Otis Eatwell-Hurst (Drums). Their sound has been honed through live performances alongside contemporaries like Fat Dog, Maruja, and Butch Kassidy.

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Praising Automotion, The Guardian noted their “brilliant fiddly riff that is like math rock meets hair metal,” while The Times highlighted their instrumental connection to bands like Can and Mogwai. DIY described their lyrical delivery as “the sonic equivalent of squaring up to someone, five pints deep and pool cue in hand”.

Dissolve promises to be a significant release for Automotion, solidifying their place as a notable force in the indie music scene.

Photo credit: Dylan Coates

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