Holly Macve unveils new single ‘Wonderland’ ahead of busy festival Season

With her new single 'Wonderland', Holly Macve explores the theme of moving on from the past, set against a backdrop of string-backed lyricism.

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Holly Macve’s latest single ‘Wonderland,’ is out now on Loving Memory Records / Believe. Produced by Dan Rothman of London Grammar, the song is part of a new chapter in Macve’s career, following her critically acclaimed EP Time Is Forever.

Described as ‘elegant’ and ’emotional’, ‘Wonderland’ showcases Macve’s refined songwriting skills and her ability to convey deep, personal emotions with a string-backed arrangement. Speaking about the song’s creation, Macve said, “’Wonderland’ was written in December last year when the days were closing in and the world was too. I was working in the studio in west London with my producer Dan, and I’d been going through a lot of stuff in my personal life, but sometimes that’s the perfect time to spill your heart out.

“I got the train back home late that night and wrote all the words to ‘Wonderland’ whilst blocking the outside world out with my headphones. We recorded the vocals the next day. The end of something can be the start of something even more beautiful and that’s what I wanted ‘Wonderland’ to represent. It’s about closing a chapter of your life, moving forwards and romanticising the future vs the past.”

Born in Western Ireland and raised in Yorkshire after her mother fled an abusive relationship, Macve has been deeply influenced by classic American film and music from a young age. Now a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and songwriter, she divides her time between England’s south coast and the west coast of the USA, exploring and expressing her nostalgic fascinations through music.

Macve is set to perform across several UK and European festivals this summer, including Futur 2 Festival in Hamburg, Silent Green in Berlin, and Latitude Festival in Suffolk, among others.

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