IDLES debut fresh tracks from ‘TANGK’ on Euro tour

Fresh from the studio, IDLES brings 'TANGK' to life on their European tour, showcasing new singles and setting the stage for their album release.


IDLES are currently storming through Europe with fresh tracks from their upcoming album TANGK, bringing their new music to life on stage. With their tour kicking off in Belgium and France, fans got the first taste of ‘Idea 01,’ ‘Gift Horse,’ and ‘POP POP POP,’ marking a thrilling start to their 2024 European adventure.

These gigs debuted these tracks and showcased a mix of old favourites and new bangers, revealing the depth and evolution of IDLES’ sound. With TANGK dropping on February 16, anticipation is sky-high, especially after frontman Joe Talbot hints at their “most transgressive” work yet.

The tour will wind through Europe before hitting North America, then back home for UK shows. It’s a whirlwind of raw energy and new music, setting the stage for IDLES’ next big leap. Check out the performances below:

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