James Corden Returns to UK Drama With Mammals

James Corden leads the cast of Jez Butterworth's upcoming series, Mammals. Here's a bunch of images released from the upcoming drama.

James Corden as Jamie Buckingham in Mammals

James Corden is set to return to the UK screens with six-part drama, Mammals. A few photos have been released

Just a few weeks ago came the news that actor, writer, presenter and producer James Corden was to bring his American adventure to an end. Corden will be stepping down from The Late, Late Show, which he’s hosted for the CBS network in the US since 2015. The last episode under his watch is due to screen later this year, and then Corden will be returning to the UK to pursue further projects over here.

Turns out he’s already got one in the can, though. He’s shot a six-part drama for Amazon’s Prime Video service by the name of Mammals. It’s come from the pen of writer Jez Butterworth, and alongside Corden in the cast are Sally Hawkins, Melia Kreiling, Colin Morgan, Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Samuel Anderson.

Butterworth has been promoting the series at an event in London, where he declared “You’ll enjoy this if you enjoy James, Sally and my work. It’s a relationship drama but also a whodunnit”.

Images from Mammals have been released too, giving a slight flavour of what lies ahead. The show itself will debut towards the end of the year. Here’s a taste…

Melia Kreiling as Amandine Buckingham Colin Morgan as Jeff Wilson Sally Hawkins as Lue

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