June Indie Cinema Guide

If dinosaurs or astronauts aren’t to your liking, there’s still plenty to enjoy in cinemas this June and we've got it covered!

Indie June

If dinosaurs or astronauts aren’t to your liking, there’s still plenty to enjoy in cinemas this June and we’ve got the scoop on the best ones!

Dashcam / June 3


June has a few blockbuster horror offerings, but we can tell you now; they’re tame compared to Rob Savage’s Dashcam. Already plenty controversial, Dashcam follows Annie Hardy who streams a music show called Band Car from her car, but she’s pulled into a crazy and terrifying ordeal after agreeing to help transport an old lady. Honestly, you’re not prepared. 


Bergman Island / June 3

Bergman Island

Indie darling Mia Hansen-Løve is back with a bang. Bergman Island takes its name from legendary filmmaker Ingrid Bergman and in the film, two American filmmakers retreat to  Fårö island to work and be inspired. It’s all very meta and the cast, which includes Tim Roth and Mia Wasikowska, is sublime so colour us intrigued. 


All My Friends Hate Me / June 10 

all my friends hate me

And what would a month without some British talent be? Newcomer Andrew Gaynord directs this darkly funny film about social anxiety. Pete arrives at his friend’s lavish estate for a weekend of birthday celebrations but as his friends become more and more hostile, Pete begins to suspect he’s being replaced in the group. Part comedy, part horror, we’re fully interested in All My Friends Hate Me


Pleasure / June 15



Hardcore porn anyone? Ninja Thyberg’s critically acclaimed Pleasure finally arrives on our screens, courtesy of MUBI. Based on Thyberg’s short film of the same name, Pleasure follows Linnéa who moves to LA, desperate to become a porn star. The film explores and perhaps exposes the porn industry and Thyberg’s unflinching film looks like it’s gonna be the shocker of the year. 


The Lost Girls / June 17

The Lost Girls

Livia De Paolis comes to us in our time of need and offers us an alternative take on the Peter Pan story. In The Lost Girls, Peter is a boy who comes to all the women of the Darling family, to take them away to a faraway land. Four generations of women struggle with their return to reality in this magical, dream-like film.

Theo and the Metamorphosis / June 24

Theo and the metamorphosis

Theo is a man with Down Syndrome who is left to fend for himself in the forest after his father leaves. Director Damien Odoul’s film looks strange, provocative and completely unique with a strong emphasis on the visuals and Theo’s inner thoughts that we hear in voice over.


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