Kojaque expands cinematic universe with Phantom of the Afters deluxe edition

Kojaque video still

Ireland’s trailblazing talent Kojaque has just unveiled the deluxe edition of his #1 Irish Independent album, Phantom of the Afters, The Ballad of Jackie Dandelion (Directors Cut), through Soft Boy Records. This latest release is a cinematic expansion of the original project, marked by the addition of the compelling video for the focus track ‘Eastside’, co-produced with Sad Night Dynamite.

The release is timed perfectly with the announcement of Kojaque’s North American tour, following a successful stint of headline shows across the EU and UK, including sold-out performances at London’s Islington Assembly and Dublin’s Vicar St.

The deluxe edition breathes new life into the already acclaimed album, adding tracks that Kojaque felt were too vital to be omitted. Speaking about his decision, Kojaque shares, “I wanted to make a Directors Cut of Phantom Of The Afters because there were a couple of songs that I loved that got left off the original project… They need to be Jackie Dandelion tunes.” It’s a move that underscores Kojaque’s commitment to artistic integrity and the desire to present his work as fully and authentically as possible, without constraints.

Kojaque’s journey from an independent artist to a globally recognised figure in music is as fascinating as his creative output. The response to the release of the album independently has been overwhelmingly positive, with Kojaque noting, “Just feels good to have complete control over what I put out in the world, doing shit however I feel like doing it.” His return to making art unburdened by external expectations has allowed him to create something raw, unfiltered, and utterly captivating.

Phantom of the Afters, The Ballad of Jackie Dandelion (Directors Cut) delves deep into themes of childhood trauma, depression, grief, and love, encapsulating the complex journey of Jackie Dandelion. The album not only explores personal narratives but also broader themes of immigrant identity and cultural stereotypes, further enriching Kojaque’s distinct narrative style.

The deluxe edition promises to be an essential listen for fans and newcomers alike, solidifying Kojaque’s status as one of the most innovative voices in contemporary music. With a series of live performances on the horizon, including major festival appearances across the UK and EU, Kojaque is set to bring his dynamic sound and vision to audiences worldwide.

Photo credit: Finnegan Travers

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