Kumbi unveils debut EP ‘Mantra’ with vibrant new single ‘Energy’

Kumbi announces his debut EP Mantra, releasing 9th July, featuring the captivating single 'Energy', blending afrobeat, soul, and more into an enticing musical mix.


Today, emerging talent Kumbi announced his debut EP Mantra, set to release on 9th July under Globe Town Records. The launch is accompanied by the release of his leading single ‘Energy’, marking a fiery start to his new creative phase.

Kumbi, a London-born artist with Congolese roots, is not just a musician but also a model and a creative director. He is known for his eclectic blend of afrobeat, soul, spoken word, and electronica, which reflects his diverse artistic influences.

“Life happens when you’re not looking. That’s what this song is, a chemical reaction to the world moving on, with or without you,” says Kumbi about his new single ‘Energy’.

Since signing with Globe Town Records in 2021, Kumbi has been dedicated to developing Mantra. This period has also been significant on a personal level as he navigated the beginnings of fatherhood, a theme that permeates the EP.

Kumbi’s career has bridged music and fashion seamlessly. An alumnus of the prestigious London Brit School, his first notable collaboration was with fashion legend Vivienne Westwood, creating soundtracks for her AW19 campaign. His unique contributions to fashion continued with multiple projects for Balenciaga, including an innovative 3D video campaign, earning him acclaim as ‘Best Newcomer’ by Vogue.

The Mantra EP comprises six tracks: ‘Energy’, ‘Perfect’, ‘Falling’, ‘Swells’, ‘Metaphase’, and ‘Shoulders’, each offering a glimpse into Kumbi’s evolving artistic vision.

Photo credit: Zaineb Abelque

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