Love Story from Hoxton Mini Press captures love in the Modern Age

A new photographic anthology, Love Story, from Hoxton Mini Press, showcases over 150 images from 23 talented photographers, exploring love in the modern world and challenging our perceptions of relationships.

Above photograph credit: Erica Reade

In a world where love can often feel intangible, a new anthology of over 150 images from 23 of the world’s most talented photographers offers a glimpse into the heart of what it means to be in love. These intimate portraits, spanning from first love to lost love, showcase the tenderness, vulnerability, passion, and patience that are hallmarks of this powerful emotion.

This collection challenges our perceptions of relationships in the 21st century, showcasing the deep connections between partners of all genders and between friends, siblings, parents and children, and communities. The result is a joyful celebration of love that beautifully depicts the myriad forms it can take in our lives.

Here are some of the moving displays of romance, curated by Rachel Segal Hamilton.


Photo: Curtis Hughes


Photo: Deanna Dikeman


Photo: Lisa Sorgini

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Photo: Erica Reade


Photo: Leah Monsour


Photo: Jess T. Dugan


Photo: Andreas Reeg


Photo: Matt Weber


Photo: Karen Rosetzsky


Photo: Megan K Eagles


Richard Renaldi

Love_Story-Press-Low_res-p137-Karen_Rosetzsky copy

Photo: Karen Rosetzsky


Photo: Mirja Maria


Photo: Sophie Harris-Taylor


Photo: Paddy Summerfield

Rachel Segal Hamilton is an author, Contributing Editor at the Royal Photographic Society Journal and regularly writes for Aesthetica and the British Journal of Photography. She lives in Birmingham, UK.

Hoxton Mini Press is an independent publisher based in east London, dedicated to making photography books that are both accessible and beautiful. They believe that the physical book can only become more precious as the world goes virtual.