Martha Skye Murphy unveils new single ‘Need’ with strikingly haunting video

British artist Martha Skye Murphy releases 'Need', a haunting new single, available now as her first track with AD 93.


British artist Martha Skye Murphy has released her latest single, ‘Need’, marking her debut on the AD 93 label. Collaborating with Ethan P. Flynn, Murphy showcases her distinctive style in this new track, noted for its eerie and uncanny atmosphere.

Released on 17th April 2024, ‘Need’ is described by Murphy as drawing from “the most feral parts of my being.” The song’s subtle nuances contribute to its profound impact, emphasising the power of what is left unsaid.

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The accompanying video, directed by Billy Howard Price, features Murphy in various roles, including that of a mole, a symbol open to multiple interpretations. Murphy explains, “A mole can be several things. A mole can be a liar or a trick, or a mole can simply be an animal that can’t see.”

The video is now available for viewing below, inviting audiences to experience the depth of Murphy’s latest artistic expression.

Photo Credit: Ben Murphy

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