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New Music Friday

New Music Friday – June 17

I hope you’re reading this outside, pint in hand (or lime & soda, if you’re not drinking), scrolling through your phone as you wait for your friends or colleagues – maybe even both – to return. If you’re able to then slap that play button on the playlist below to give a listen to today’s New Music Friday.

New Music Friday June 10

New Music Friday – June 10

And here we are. Well done. A whole week complete once more, without those weary, boozy bank holidays we had last week to revel in. And now, we can revel some more – only for your standard two-and-a-bit day weekend though. Still, at least there’s some quality new music out.

New Music 3rd June

New Music Friday – June 3

What’s equally as welcome as a bank holiday Friday? New music – of course. Combine the two and you’re laughing. Thanks to Archie for kicking-off this nifty little series. My name’s Teddy and I’m a lover of music. That, quite frankly, is all you need to know about me. (That and my penchant for wordplay – which you’ll pick up in time, no doubt).