Massive Attack announce all-day event in Bristol on August 25th 2024

Massive Attack Bristol

Massive Attack are gearing up for a monumental event, ‘Act 1.5’, scheduled for August 25th, 2024, at Clifton Downs in Bristol.

This show, their first in the UK in five years, is a bold step towards decarbonising live music. ‘Act 1.5’ is set to be a climate action accelerator, culminating the band’s 25-year dedication to environmental activism. The event is the outcome of their partnership with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and represents the realisation of the only roadmap compatible with Paris 1.5 for the live music sector’s decarbonisation.

Massive Attack’s environmental ambitions, previously planned for Liverpool, were disrupted by the pandemic and other factors. However, they’ve continued their commitment, and Liverpool has now committed to Paris 1.5 compatible carbon reductions for licensing major live music events.

As members of the UN Race to Zero program, Massive Attack is pushing the envelope in collaboration with partners like Zenobe, Ecotricity, Train Hugger, and Act 1.5. The Bristol Downs Event will showcase several pioneering green initiatives:

  • A local presale to discourage car travel, focusing on the Bristol and surrounding areas.
  • Powering the entire event site with 100% renewable energy.
  • Initiating a rail travel incentive to reduce audience travel emissions.
  • Offering a meat-free arena experience.
  • Providing free post-show electric shuttles to major rail hubs.
  • Ensuring 100% zero landfill waste removal.
  • Creating a climate-resilient woodland plantation in the South West region.
  • Utilizing electric or 100% waste product HVO fuel for all touring and production vehicles.

Fans looking for presale tickets can sign up on the event’s website, with a comprehensive train travel campaign planned for 2024.

3D from Massive Attack says, “We’re excited to play our home city in the right way. We need to reduce all primary emissions and consider fan travel. This project can seriously impact major live music events and establish new precedents.”

Professor Carly McLachlan of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research adds, “This is the transformative approach the live music sector needs, reducing emissions across all impact areas and unlocking systemic change to meet our Paris Agreement commitments.”

This Bristol event isn’t just another concert; it’s a bold statement from Massive Attack, merging their influential music with an unwavering commitment to the environment.

Massive Attack Bristol poster

Photo credit: Warren Du Preez

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