Peter Jackson working on a brand new Beatles project

Peter Jackson scored several Emmy nods for his The Beatles documentary series recently, but the director isn’t done with The Beatles yet.

Peter Jackson

The Lords of the Rings filmmaker Peter Jackson scored several Emmy nods for his The Beatles: Get Back documentary series recently, but the director isn’t done with The Beatles just yet.

You’d think that Peter Jackson was completely and utterly done with The Beatles. He recently helmed The Beatles: Get Back which received five Emmy nominations, including one for Jackson for directing as well as Best Documentary Series. 

The series, which is available on Disney+, was presented in three parts and Jackson, along with editor Jabez Olsson who also received an Emmy nomination, went through 130 hours of audio and 57 hours of video, most of which was unused material for Michael Lindsay-Hogg 1970 documentary Let It Be

It was a mammoth undertaking, one that took Jackson four years to complete, which wasn’t helped by a global pandemic. Yet it seems that Jackson still has a yearning to bring The Beatles back on the big screen, as he revealed to Deadline. 

The Beatles

The Beatles in The Beatles: Get Out

“I’m talking to The Beatles about another project, something very, very different than Get Back,” Jackson said. “We’re seeing what the possibilities are, but it’s another project with them. It’s not really a documentary … and that’s all I can really say.”

Intriguing. Jackson is a filmmaker constantly challenging himself on a technical level, as was apparent with this WWII documentary They Shall Not Grow Old, which saw Jackson restore footage from the war and present it in colour instead of the original black and white. 

And it sounds like Jackson is once again pushing his own as well as the technical limitations of his craft, as he hints that he has “a few things percolating.”

“One of them could be big scale, but it’s so technically complicated I’m trying to work [out] how exactly I’ll do it,” Jackson said. “It’s a live-action movie, but it needs technology that doesn’t quite exist at the moment, so we’re in the middle of developing the technology to allow it to happen. I’m trying to anticipate what I might be able to do, before it even exists.”

Whether this directly references his Beatles-project is a little unclear but whatever it is, we are interested and would like it on our eyeballs as soon as possible, so best of luck, Mr. Jackson!

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