Blur: To The End | Watch trailer for new feature-length documentary depicting band’s emotional journey

Blur's latest project, 'To The End', documents their emotional return to the spotlight, capturing the essence of their friendship and musical journey.

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Blur have unveiled plans for a new feature-length documentary, Blur: To The End, set to hit cinemas in the UK and Ireland from 19th July 2024.

The film promises an in-depth look into the latest developments in the band’s journey, focusing on their unexpected comeback and the creation of their chart-topping album The Ballad of Darren.

Captured during their recording sessions in early 2023 and their landmark shows at London’s Wembley Stadium, the documentary delves into the unique dynamics of Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree—friends and bandmates for over 30 years.

Alex James reflects on the band’s connection, saying, “We’ve barely communicated for the last 10 years… I mean even when we really split up, it didn’t take this long to make a record, but what’s wonderful is as soon as the four of us get in a room together, it’s just exactly the same as it was when we were all 19….”

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Damon also shared his surprise and ambition in making their latest record: “I don’t think any of us thought we’d make another record, especially not a record like this. I suppose that’s why I wanted to try and make it as good as possible.” He also reflects on the personal significance of their reunion: “We all have hugely involving and complicated lives and we’re so lucky that we get to spend this time together, just the four of us. And that’s the beauty of it…”


The documentary, directed by Toby L. and produced by Josh Connolly with production house Up The Game, explores themes of friendship, creativity, and legacy. Toby L shares his vision for the film: “To The End is an intimate glimpse into relationships, motivation and mortality, the sights and sounds of longterm friendship unearthing a fresh new conquest to overcome together… Working with blur on this documentary, over the past year has been the honour of a lifetime.”

Blur: To The End is set for release almost one year after The Ballad of Darren, with tickets available now and additional cinemas joining the roster closer to the release date – visit the band’s website for tickets and more info.

Watch the trailer below:

Photo credit: Reuben Bastienne-Lewis

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