Seven Kings Must Die | The Last Kingdom feature film gets a new trailer

Seven Kings Must Die, a continuation of The Last Kingdom, will stream on Netflix in April and the new trailer looks very promising. 

seven kings must die

Based on Bernard Cornwell’s series of novels, The Last Kingdom quickly became a global phenomenon. The brutal style and violence appealed to many, and the series moved from BBC to Netflix for its last three seasons. Running for five seasons, The Last Kingdom concluded in 2022 with its fifth season. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for more. 

Well, it’s their happy day. Seven Kings Must Die, a feature film set in the same world and featuring the same characters, is coming our way in April. 

Check out the first trailer for Seven Kings Must Die. 

It looks like Seven Kings Must Die is following in the footsteps of Luther, which also recently got its own feature film continuation

The trailer gives us strong The Northman vibes. Series regular Edward Bazalgette is directing, while Martha Hillier has penned the script. Hillier also wrote seasons four and five of The Last Kingdom, so we should be in safe hands. 

The official synopsis gives us more details on the plot: “Alexander Dreymon reprises his lead role as the great warrior Uhtred of Bebbanburg, who must ride once more across a fractured kingdom with several of the series’ much-loved returning characters, as they battle alongside, and against, new allies and enemies. Following the death of King Edward, a battle for the crown ensues, as rival heirs and invaders compete for power. And when an alliance comes seeking Uhtred’s help in their plans, Uhtred faces a choice between those he cares for most, and the dream of forming a united England.”

Seven Kings Must Die will stream on Netflix from April 14th. 

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