The Last Of Us trailer | Who plays Ellie’s mother?

The cast and crew of HBO’s upcoming The Last of Us series gathered for a panel at CCXP22 in Brazil and unveiled an exciting new trailer. 

the last of us season 1

The trailer gave us more of Ellie and Joel and showed us Anna Torv as Tess, Nick Offerman’s Bill as well as Storm Reid as Riley. 

The trailer also plays a slowed down version of A-Ha’s Take On Me on the background. Fans of the games will recognise that from The Last Of Us Part II, but it seems that the series will only cover the events of the first games. 

Check out the action-packed and emotional trailer below. 

Craig Mazin, who was behind the acclaimed Chernobyl, seems to have lovingly recreated many shots from the games almost directly. At the very end of the trailer, we also get a good look at the vicious bloaters. Gamers all around the world are collectively shuddering at the memory of battling those. 

What’s The Last of Us about? 

The Last of Us takes place in a dystopian United States of America, where most people have mutated into violent, hungry zombie-like creatures followed by being exposed to a dangerous fungus. 

Joel, a smuggler dealing with past trauma, is tasked with transporting a young girl, Ellie, across the country to a quarantine zone. Ellie is valuable as she seems immune to the fungus and could hold the cure for humanity. 

When is The Last of Us out? 

The Last of Us will premiere in the US 15 January. 

The last of us

Credit: HBO Max

UK viewers will be able to watch the series on 16 January. Presumably, like with Game of Thrones and its prequel House of the Dragon, viewers can watch the week’s episode at the same time as US viewers, which is usually about 2am UK time. 

How can I watch The Last of Us? 

Regardless of whether you’re in the UK or US, you will need a subscription to watch The Last of Us. In the US, the series will be available on HBO Max.

In the UK, as per usual with HBO shows, Sky Atlantic will be airing the long-awaited adaptation of one of the most beloved video games. 

Who plays Ellie’s mother? 

Eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed a familiar face in the new trailer. A woman is holding a baby in a brief shot, but there’s more to that. 

That baby is Ellie, our immune heroine and the woman is her mother and is played by none other than Ashley Johnson. 

Johnson of course played Ellie in both video games so her inclusion is a nice nod to that.  She has now ‘given birth’ to Ellie in two ways. 

You can also briefly glimpse Troy Baker, who played Joel in the original game, as a member of a cannibal clan Joel and Ellie encounter. 

There’s still a little while before we’re plunged into the dangerous post-apocalyptic US with Joel and Ellie. This might be a great time to finish off God of War: Ragnarok or maybe give The Devil In Me a go. 

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