The Lemon Twigs release new single ‘A Dream Is All I Know’

New York's The Lemon Twigs capture the essence of fleeting moments in 'A Dream Is All I Know', promising an album of introspective exploration.

The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs, the brotherly duo from New York, have unveiled their latest single, ‘A Dream Is All I Know’, which premiered on Huw Stephens’ show on BBC 6 Music. The track previews their eagerly awaited album, A Dream Is All We Know, which is set for release on May 3rd through Captured Tracks.

The single, which combines fierce guitar riffs, intricate harmonies, and emotive narratives about ephemeral moments of love and loss, echoes the duo’s flair for crafting songs that resonate with the dreamy and transient aspects of daily life.

Reflecting on the song’s inception, Brian D’Addario reveals, “This song is about impermanence and the dreamlike nature of our day to day lives. It was penned during a moment of profound disconnection in my kitchen. The initial title, ‘Unreality In My Kitchen’, was scrapped in favor of ‘A Dream Is All I Know’, better capturing the song’s essence.”

Accompanying the release is a self-directed music video by Michael and Brian D’Addario, marking their debut behind the camera. Filmed in New York City, the video showcases the duo navigating through a day filled with surreal vignettes, echoing the song’s lyrical exploration of reality and fantasy.

A Dream Is All We Know was recorded entirely on analogue equipment and self-produced by the D’Addarios, drawing inspiration from the sound of 1968, enriched by influences ranging from the iconic Lennon-McCartney duo to the harmonious Wilson family, promising a fresh yet nostalgic auditory experience.

As The Lemon Twigs embark on a UK and EU tour to celebrate the album’s release, audiences can anticipate experiencing the depth and dynamism of their latest work live on stage.

Photo credit: Stephanie Pia

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