The Reytons to stage a record-breaking 20,000-capacity homecoming gig in Rotherham

Rotherham lads The Reytons are planning the largest outdoor event in their hometown's history to honour their forthcoming album, Ballad of a Bystander.

The Reytons

Yorkshire indie rockers The Reytons have unveiled plans for a record-breaking homecoming concert to be held at Rotherham’s Clifton Park in the summer of 2024. This will mark the venue’s largest-ever outdoor event and will be the first gig held at Clifton Park in over half a century.

Scheduled to follow the release of their third studio album, Ballad of a Bystander, the concert is set to draw an audience of 20,000. Tickets will be available from this Friday at 10am BST. Get them right here.

The event aims to make history twice, both as Rotherham’s biggest-ever outdoor event and as the first band to perform at Clifton Park since the glam rock band T-Rex in 1971.

The forthcoming album, set to be released on January 19, 2024, follows their recent chart-topping release, What’s Rock and Roll? Their new lead single, ‘Let Me Breathe’, was introduced last week.

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In our four-star review of What’s Rock and Roll? whynow said: “In fact, it’s on songs such as ‘Istanbul’ and ‘Monthly Subscription’ where the music and the lyrics deliver perfect tens. The band bring the fire and Yerrell provides his wittiest words.

“There are other highlights too. ‘Love In Transaction’ is a delightful barre chord blitz dissecting the relationship between a sugar daddy and his lover, while ‘Little Bastards’ is an explosive tirade at children raised in broken homes. ‘Cash in Hand and Fake IDs’, meanwhile, is a Britpop anthem three decades on.”

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