The most anticipated films from Cannes

Cannes Film Festival is about to wrap up in the south of France so we take a look at some of the films we can’t wait to hit cinemas. 

Crimes of the future cast

Cannes Film Festival is about to wrap up in the south of France so we take a look at some of the films we can’t wait to hit cinemas. 

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival is drawing to a close and by the looks of it, there has been a lot of good stuff as well as some atrocities. Even from the rainy and gloomy UK, it’s hard not get excited over the offerings of cinematic goodness from the festival so we’re listing here some of our most anticipated films that have just screened at Cannes. 

Elvis, dir. Baz Luhrmann


This one we didn’t see coming. Baz Luhrmann can be very hit or miss with his films, but the praise for his new film Elvis is almost unanimous. Starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks, Elvis looks like it’s going to be an exciting, spectacular biopic of the King of Rock and Roll. 

Crimes of the Future, dir. David Cronenberg

Crimes of the future

Elvis might be the King of Rock and Roll, but David Cronenberg is the undoubted king of body horror and it seems that he’s returning to cinemas with a vengeance. Crimes of the Future’s seemingly gnarly surgery scenes prompted several walk-outs, but those were well expected. So if you have a strong stomach, this looks to be one to watch. 

Aftersun, dir. Charlotte Wells


Paul Mescal jumped into the public consciousness after BBC’s wildly popular Normal People. He’s now garnering rave reviews for his performance in Charlotte Wells’ debut feature Aftersun, with many claiming it to be the best film of Cannes this year. Mescal plays a young father on holiday with his daughter. The film is also produced by Barry Jenkins!

Triangle of Sadness, dir. Ruben Östlund

Triangle of sadness

Director Ruben Östlund is the master of absurd films. Force Majeure, which was universally acclaimed and even received a Hollywood remake, lamented him as one to watch and it seems that he has not disappointed audiences in Cannes with his new film Triangle of Sadness. Starring Harris Dickinson and Woody Harrelson, Triangle of Sadness has been described as the grossest film of the fest, with a vomit scene so grim, people were gagging. 

Three Thousand Years Of Longing, dir. George Miller

three thousand years of longing

The reception for George Miller’s new film was initially mixed, but we simply can’t believe that a film in which Idris Elba plays a djinn against Tilda Swinton could be anything but epic. George Miller has a great eye for visuals, so we can’t wait to see what he has cooked up with Three Thousand Years of Longing.

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