Liz Truss walks out to ‘Moving On Up’ | M People disapprove

Liz Truss walked on stage to ‘Moving On Up’ by M People ahead of her speech at the Conservative Party Conference this morning, a choice that has not gone down with the song’s creators. 

truss m people

Mike Pickering, the DJ who founded M People, took to Twitter to express his sadness that their song was being used “by this shower of a government”. 

Interestingly, Pickering also revealed that they had not been consulted in the decision, and there was nothing the group could do to stop Truss from using it. 

‘Moving On Up’ came out in 1993 and reached number two on the UK Singles Chart, topping the Dance Singles Chart and making the top 40 in the US Billboard Hot 100. 

Truss is facing intense pressure just a month into her premiership, mainly due to a dramatic U-turn on scrapping the top 45p tax rate earlier this week.

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