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What’s on in cinemas | March indie films

From disturbing horrors to moving dramas, here's our top indie cinema picks for what's on in cinemas this March. 

March means spring is definitely on the way, but cinemas are also bursting with incredible dramas, disturbing horrors and moving stories of childhood and friendships. Here are our top indie cinema picks for what’s on in cinemas this March. 

Close / March 3

close (1)

Credit: MUBI

Lukas Dhont’s touching new film Close is a story of two young boys whose relationship becomes uncertain after their schoolmates notice their intimate friendship. Themes of love, guilt and responsibility are weaved together skillfully by Dhont and supported by authentic performances from the young actors. 

Women Behind the Wheel / March 3

women behind the wheel

Credit: Dartmouth FilmsCat Haigh and Hannah Congdon document their journey to Central Asia where they meet and celebrate women of all cultures. The two women are honest about their pre-existing assumptions and are forced to shift their viewpoints in this empowering road film.

Winnie The Pooh: Love and Honey / March 10

winnie the pooh blood and honey

Credit: Altitude

A.A. Milne’s beloved bear entered the public domain, and it didn’t take long for filmmaker Rhys Waterfield to cash in on that and make the honey-loving cartoon ursine into a horror movie villain. This British slasher film isn’t for the faint of heart (or stomach), but it’s a fun twist on a childhood favourite. 

Meet Me In The Bathroom / March 10

meet me in the bathroom

Credit: Universal Pictures

Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace’s immersive new documentary only includes archive footage. The film features never-before-seen footage of all your favourite early-2000s bands, such as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Strokes. Set against the backdrop of 9/11, the documentary chronicles a new era for the New York City music scene. 

Pearl / March 17


Credit: A24

The highly-anticipated prequel to Ti West’s X, Pearl dives deep into its namesake character. Pearl is elevated horror, but it never sacrifices the style or gore to appeal to a larger audience. West proves himself to be a master of the genre and his craft with this highly stylistic horror. 

Allelujah / March 17

Judi Dench Allelujah

Credit: Pathé

Allelujah tells the story of a small Yorkshire geriatric ward that is threatened to be closed down. This causes a passionate uprising from the community, and they organise a charity concert to celebrate one of the nurses. With an ensemble cast of British acting legends, this NHS drama just hits differently in today’s political climate. 

Infinity Pool / March 24

infinity pool

Credit: Universal Pictures

Brandon Cronenberg, son of David, returns with a highly original new film. Alexander Skarsgård plays an American tourist on holiday that turns into a nightmare after he accidentally kills a man. Turns out, if you’re rich enough, you can pay to have a clone of yours executed, the ultimate capitalist get-out-of-jail-free card. 

God’s Creatures / March 31

god's creatures

Credit: BFI Distribution

Man of the moment, Paul Mescal, stars against Emily Watson in this psychological drama. Watson plays Aileen, whose son (Mescal) returns from Australia and immediately causes trouble in their small community, and Aileen is forced to choose between her son and her own sense of right and wrong.

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