World Cup fans say winner of England vs. USA must exile James Corden

World Cup fans of both England and the USA, and anti-Corden sympathisers, have said the loser of their game on Friday has to keep James Corden, but who should Corden support?

James Corden

This tweet has caused quite a stir on Twitter.

A sizeable chunk of the UK and US population is keen to offload James Corden onto the opposite side of the Atlantic.

The two countries meet for their second group game on Friday (November 25), and supporters from both sides are already looking to maximise the drama, because if there’s one thing the tournament’s been lacking in this year, it’s controversy.

However, victory is, in this case, not enough. The fans want their spoils. For Friday’s game, it’s the ejection of James Corden from their respective lands.

James Corden

It’s amusing and, to be frank, quite disturbing, to know that there’s a population in both English-speaking nations that would happily see a man exiled from either his home country or adopted nation.

Should Corden be banished from California, he’d lose his television show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and all the new ‘friends’ he’s made among the LA entertainment elite, such as Khloe Kardashian, who we see here being praised by Corden for consuming alcohol early in the day on a Monday, when she should be working:

He’ll never again be able to dine, angrily, in the Balthazar restaurant in New York, which, to be fair to Corden, might have had crap service, but being nasty to waiters when you’re a recognisable face (against the wishes of millions of people the world over), isn’t a good look.

Should he be denied re-entry into the United Kingdom, James will lose the right to visit his mum in his hometown of Hazlemere in Buckinghamshire. He will never again have the freedom to amble through the park he played in when he was a young boy, pushed on the swings by his old man. James Corden will be banned from paying his respects to the many war memorials across Britain that honour the fallen soldiers who sacrificed so much so that The Late Late Show with James Corden could one day become reality. The stakes really are this high.

These terms of the proposed gamble would personally affect James Kimberley Corden much more than us, so perhaps we’re not asking the right question. Instead of who wants him the least, let’s ask: who does James Corden want to win? Because it’s time to choose, James. When the final whistle is blown, you better hope the scores are even.

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