Mimi Webb

Amelia review | Mimi Webb’s talented voice deserves a better debut album

Mimi Webb is a quintessentially 2023 popstar. Emerging off the back of TikTok in 2020 with viral smash hit ‘Before I Go’, Webb has taken the slow road to a full LP, especially in the here today, forgotten tomorrow climate. Three years of work have gone into crafting the personification of pop but has it paid off? Kind of.

Sam Fischer

Down the Boozer with Sam Fischer

We kicked back in a public house with Aussie singer-songwriter Sam Fischer, to discuss his trials and tribulations through the music industry, his mate Lewis Capaldi, and being as authentic as possible.

down the boozer with push baby jake roche charley bagnall cock and bottle

Down the Boozer with Push Baby

Meet Push Baby - the pop duo formed from the ashes of Rixton. In an open interview over a pint or three, Jake Roche and Charley Bagnall talk to Archie Brydon about working with Scooter Braun, what happens when your 15 minutes is up and why they're happier now.