Sigrid releases ‘The Hype’, dabbling in synth-pop and country

Sigrid’s latest record, The Hype EP, marks her return to the music scene after a year of experimentation and soul-searching.


In it, she dives into her ever-expanding musical repertoire with tracks like ‘Wanted It To Be You’, ‘Ghost’, and ‘Borderline’, spanning genres from synth-pop to country-inspired tunes.

“I’m so excited about releasing this EP!” the Norwegian said. “On this EP it’s synth pop, country inspired pop, folky pop and festival pop – all songs about love, messing up, moving on, maybe not moving on as much as you thought and trying it all again! It’s fun, it’s heartbreaking and it’s cheeky. I love it!”

The award-winning pop artist is hitting intimate venues across Norway, marking her first club tour in six years. Fans can expect a mix of vulnerability and bangers from the EP Sigrid describes as capturing the essence of “messing up, moving on, and maybe not moving on.”

‘Wanted It To Be You’ is described by Sigrid as “something Shania Twain-esque,” while ‘Borderline’ explores the allure of crossing boundaries. “It’s about all the things you shouldn’t do, but doesn’t that just make it even more exciting?” she said.

The Hype EP also serves as a career recap for the 27-year-old singer, who has been reevaluating her whirlwind journey since her 2017 breakout hit ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’. Now, with an ever-growing international fanbase, Sigrid questions if she’s lived up to the hype while remaining authentic in songs that keep her ethos intact.

With her latest EP, Sigrid reassures fans that at the heart of her big tunes is a young artist staying true to her roots, a girl sitting at a piano in her hometown of Alesund, Norway.

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