Miso Extra shares brilliant new avant-pop single ‘2nd Floor’

Future-pop talent Miso Extra, a long-time favourite of the avant-garde scene, is back on the radar with her latest track, '2nd Floor'.

miso extra 2nd floor

Having honed her craft and explored the nuances of her sound, Miso Extra’s also ready to take the stage at London’s Lower Third early next year. But before that, she’s treating us to not just one, but two fresh pieces of music.

‘2nd Floor’ hits the airwaves with its avant-pop zing. Miso Extra’s vocals are a rich tapestry of drama and grace. We had the pleasure of interviewing Miso Extra in 2021 just as she was stepping out on her musical journey.

On her new song’s message, Miso Extra reflects, “It explores the moment you realize you’re in a toxic relationship and the anguish from realizing your own naivety. There’s hope though in the line in Japanese that states ‘I don’t need a Prince’ to allude to the idea that I can be my own knight in shining armor to have my happily ever after and not rely on another to be my source of joy.”

The video for ‘2nd Floor’ (check it out below), is directed by Claryn Chong and produced by Beatnik Creative, featuring Miso Extra herself.

She shares a glimpse into the concept: “As it was a break-up song about gaining clarity, the first thought I had was ‘what’s the first thing that all people do when they go through a shift in life’. Answer: Cut their hair! So we felt why not have a video where I cut my hair!”

But that’s not all. Miso Extra also brings us a cover of Little Dragon’s ‘Constant Surprises’. Her rendition’s a testament to her influence and skill as an interpreter. Miso shares, “I adore the band Little Dragon and the lyrics in this song particularly resonate with me as I am often prone to daydreaming. To me, this song serves as a beautiful reminder to count my blessings.”

Both ‘2nd Floor’ and the Little Dragon cover are available now, showcasing Miso Extra’s versatility and her knack for creating music that resonates deeply. So, dive into Miso Extra’s world and experience the energy she brings to the avant-pop scene.

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