August Indie Cinema Guide

While Brad Pitt and Jordan Peele dominate the mainstream cinema market, August is full of smaller indie gems and we’ve got them all lined up here for your convenience.

Indie Cinema Guide August

Maisie / August 5


What better way to start off August than in the company of the UK’s oldest drag artist? Lee Cooper has crafted a tender, sensitive portrayal of David Raven aka Maisie Trollette. As he’s preparing for his upcoming birthday bash, David continues to perform but a visit from America’s oldest performing drag queen creates rivalry that Cooper’s fly-on-the-wall documentary captures brilliantly. 

Eiffel / August 12


Chronicling more than just the building of the iconic Eiffel Tower, Martin Bourboulon’s film explores Gustave Eiffel’s personal life too, or at least a fictionalised version of it. The film portrays a steamy romance between Eiffel and Emma Mackey’s Adrienne Bourgès, while we also follow Eiffel’s efforts to build something no one else has even dared to attempt. 

Blind Ambition / August 12

Blind ambition

Blind Ambition follows four men from Zimbabwe who relocate to South Africa and find themselves in the Olympics of the wine world; The World Wine Blind Tasting Championships. Directed by Warwick Ross and Rob Coe, this documentary promises to be inspiring and full of heart. 

Anaïs in Love / August 19

anais in love

If Joachim Trier’s The Worst Person In The World made you feel special and seen, we think Anaïs in Love might make you feel the same way. The film follows the free-spirited 30-year-old Anaïs as she’s entangled in a tricky love triangle with a married couple. 

Mr. Malcolm’s List / August 26

Mr Malcolm's List

Based on a novel and a short film of the same name, Mr. Malcolm’s List sees Freida Pinto and Zawe Ashton trying to get revenge against the titular, womanizing Mr. Malcolm who ends up falling for Pinto’s Selina and vice versa. Sparks fly, but Selina’s deception might ruin everything. 

Official Competition / August 26

Official Competition

In this blistering satire of the film industry, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez play two very different breeds of actors cast in the same film, directed by Penélope Cruz’s eccentric Lola Cuevas. The rehearsals get out of hand as the trio clash in this hilarious comedy from directors Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn. 

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