Banksy reveals new mural ‘Valentine’s day mascara’

Banksy has confirmed that a mural in Margate is his work, taking to social media this morning to title the piece “Valentine’s day mascara”. 

banksy valentine's day

The painting depicts a stereotypical 1950s housewife with a black eye and a missing tooth. She seems to be shutting a man into a real freezer positioned in front of the wall.

Banksy appears to be using Valentine’s day to draw attention to domestic violence and violence against women. 


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As well as the real freezer, the work includes a collection of rubbish on the ground, with a broken garden chair and an empty beer bottle both visible.

It’s not the first time Banksy has used Valentine’s Day to reveal his artwork. In 2020, he revealed this work in Bristol, where it’s believed the anonymous street artist hails from.

Late last year, a European Union board of appeals ruled that Banksy could maintain his anonymity and trademark claim for his well-known ape, overruling a decision by the EU’s Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

banksy ukraine

One of Banksy’s works from Ukraine. Image credit: Banksy

Around the same time, Banksy also revealed a series of murals across Ukraine

The anonymous graffiti artist previously confirmed he had spent time in Ukraine after posting a video of an artist spray-painting designs in the war-torn country and speaking to locals.

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