Best Boiler Room sets

We rank the 10 best Boiler Room sets of all time

To help you sift through the thousands of Boiler Room sets, we’ve ranked the very best from over the years, from house and techno to grime and dubstep. Views will vary, no doubt, but here are my top ten sets to delve into

Boiler room sets have become a cultural phenomenon, drawing in electronic and techno music fans from around the world to experience exclusive performances from some of the most talented DJs and producers in the industry. Born in London in 2010, Boiler Room has since expanded to become a global platform, with live events hosted in cities around the world and streamed online for millions of viewers to enjoy.

At their core, these exclusive sets are all about creating an intimate bubble between the artist and  audience. Unlike larger festivals or clubs, Boiler Room events are largely invitation-only affairs, with a limited number of tickets available to fans. And for those who can’t make it to an event in person, there’s still plenty to be had from some of the livestreams.

So to help you sift through the thousands of Boiler Room sets, we’ve ranked the very best from over the years, from house and techno to grime and dubstep. Views will vary, no doubt, but here are our top ten sets to delve into.


Oden & Fatzo Live Set | Boiler Room x FLY Open Air 2022

Pushed to the forefront with their worldwide hit ‘Lauren’, the Boiler Room of French artists Oden & Fatzo is almost like a consecration at times. Always smiling and permanently dancing, this bewitching Oden & Fatzo goes beyond the borders of the Parisian underground scene. The set opens with a pulsing techno beat, building up the energy and momentum. Oden & Fatzo gradually introduced elements of acid and house, incorporating hypnotic synth lines and driving basslines into the mix, creating a genuinely unique set.


Folamour | Boiler Room x FLY Open Air 2019

French house producer Folamour is sending good vibes only. His tracks are infused with a sense of infectious joy and optimism, establishing a party atmosphere that’s impossible to resist. Filled with light moments, his musical universe is a mix of disco-house, with hints of soul, and take us to endless summer evenings by a river.


Sama’ Abdulhadi | Boiler Room Palestine

Palestine’s most famous DJ offers a set with influences that are dear to her. Assertive yet punchy, Sama’ Abdelhadi’s sound is just as influenced by Berlin as it is Beirut – two important cities in her artistic development. And what sets this Boiler Room set apart is its celebration of Palestinian culture, creating a powerful and moving tribute to Abdelhadi’s heritage. The artist has a great influence on the Palestinian underground scene and has allowed many artists of her generation to be heard.


Uncle Waffles | Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Studios: Johannesburg

Uncle Waffles is a South African DJ and viral sensation. Her unique style and charisma have earned her a loyal following among clubbers. Uncle Waffles’ sets often feature elements of house, techno, and deep house, as well as influences from South African music from across the African continent more broadly. She has a keen ear for selecting tracks that are both danceable and emotionally resonant, creating a powerful and immersive experience for listeners. Spotted and championed by Drake, the young DJ is known for her intense and dynamic sets that can get any crowd moving, which this set no doubt attests to.


Mall Grab | Boiler Room: Melbourne

Born in Australia and now residing in London, Mall Grab’s style is a mix of house and techno. Minimal but atmospheric, his set is so effective you could listen to it over and over again. One of the standout moments of this set is when Mall Grab drops his track ‘Can’t Take It No More’, a bass-heavy house track that’s become one of his signature tunes. It’s little wonder the crowd goes wild in jubilation, singing along to the catchy vocal hook.


BKLAVA | Boiler Room x AVA Festival 2022

Bklava is a rising star in the UK garage and house scene, known for her powerful vocals and energetic DJ sets. Her Boiler Room x AVAFestival 2022 performance showcased her talent as a DJ and performer, and cemented her status as one of the most exciting artists in electronic music. BKLAVA loves to integrate her singing talents in her sets. Cool, laid back and funky, the Brighton-based artist offers us a set that is indeed as delicious as baklava dessert.


PinkPantheress | Boiler Room London

IFFY FM Presents PinkPantheress & Friends: A few lucky friends told me that this set in-the-flesh was one of a kind. Assertive and full of confidence, the 21-year-old also blessed us with her singing skills and her ability to mesmerise a crowd. As the set progresses, PinkPantheress showcases her versatility as an artist, transitioning seamlessly between upbeat pop tracks and more introspective ballads.


Laurent Garnier | Boiler Room x Dekmantel DJ Set

French electronic music producer and DJ Laurent Garnier began DJing in Manchester during the late ‘80s. Influenced by the sound of Detroit and the underground sphere of Manchester, the seminal DJ’s universe is made up of a range of influences that form his legendary French touch, and his public appearances are not to be missed. In his Boiler Room, Garnier seamlessly blends classic acid tracks with contemporary techno, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking, which draws on an extensive catalogue knowledge that very few can rival.


Carl Cox Boiler Room Ibiza Villa Takeovers DJ Set

One of the most-booked techno DJs in the world offers us a performance of a lifetime. Easily considered one of his most iconic sets, British legend Carl Cox won’t stop inspiring us with his immaculate technical skill. Cox’s set at the Ibiza Villa Takeovers was a masterclass in techno and house music, featuring a mix of classic and contemporary tracks that keep the crowd moving throughout. From the thumping basslines of ‘Acid Bells’ by Mark Broom to the infectious grooves of ‘Fever’ by  Paul Woolford, Cox’s set was a testament to his skill as a DJ and his deep knowledge of electronic music history.


Len Faki Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

Known for his powerful and energetic sets, which combine classic techno sounds with contemporary production techniques, Len Faki’s recognisable metallic sound immediately transports us to his Berlin hometown. The Berghain resident brings a dark and sexy energy to the dancefloor and will make you feel like you’re watching everything in slow motion. It’s not for nothing that Faki is considered one of the best DJs in the world: his technique is impeccable, his melodies are transcendent. In short, everything is there, in a set that never gets old.

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