Another Sky announce new album ‘Beach Day’

"But time is a complicated beast. And in the depths of lockdown, a completely new vision arose..."

Another-Sky-beach day

Progressive rock band Another Sky are set to release their new album Beach Day on 1st March, following a string of successful singles and their debut LP, which garnered widespread acclaim.

Catrin Vincent, the band’s lead singer, shares insights into the album’s origins: “We thought we’d finished our second record back in 2019 when we released I Slept On The Floor. But time is a complicated beast. And in the depths of lockdown, a completely new vision arose, one that we all knew we needed to follow instead.”

“That vision was Beach Day. It’s a story about moving through personal winters and finding the light. It’s about acknowledging your whole self; your shadow side, your anger, your sadness… and learning to love those parts of yourself in order to move through it. We hope you can hear the beginnings of transformation in it.”

The album includes their recent hits but introduces an unexpected twist. ‘Aimee Caught A Moth’, a new release, won’t feature on the album. This song, released as a kind of B-side to the album, offers a deeper look into the band’s creative process during lockdown.

Vincent elaborates on this choice: “We weren’t sure exactly how to announce the record. It felt like it needed more than words. And we’ve already released plenty of songs from it. So we gift to you a B-side, ‘Aimee Caught A Moth’. This was one of the songs that fell through the net but one we still love.”

“It’s a very literal song written in the depths of lockdown, when my flatmate Aimee caught and released a moth from a cobweb. It felt incredibly significant and songworthy. Aimee is an incredible person and deserves a song.”

With Beach Day, Another Sky invite listeners to a journey of self-discovery and transformation, marking a new chapter in their musical odyssey.

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