Disney overtakes Netflix in subscriber numbers

Granted, Disney has three streaming services on the go, but for the first time ever, Netflix has been dethroned as the king of streamers.

obi wan kenobi finale

For the first time ever, Netflix has been dethroned as the king of streamers. Even if Disney has three streaming services on the go.

It was bound to happen. Netflix isn’t the most popular streaming service anymore. We’ve heard nothing but troubling news from the streamer’s HQ this summer, from losing subscribers to constant layoffs. 

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that the House of Mouse has now officially overtaken Netflix in terms of subscriber numbers. Disney reported 221m customers at the end of June, while Netflix had 220.7m subscribers. It’s a very narrow lead for Disney, which has three streaming services to count numbers from: Hulu, ESPN and its flagship service, Disney+. 

Like Netflix, Disney+ is also launching a cheaper tier with ads for its users. While there’s no news on whether or not the UK will see ads on the basic Disney+ plan, we do know that a tier with no ads will cost US-based customers $10.99 a month, or $109.99 a year. It’s expected to launch in December.

obi wan kenobi finale

Obi-Wan Kenobi was one of Disney+’s biggest releases this year

Disney+ is the home for all things Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar, as well as Disney’s own animation releases, making it a very appealing service for film fans and families. With a steady release schedule of Star Wars and Marvel TV shows, as well as their newest cinema releases finding their way onto the service within two months, Disney+ is steadily becoming the new king of the hill. 

Despite Prey becoming Hulu’s biggest ever release, Disney is still reporting losses for its streaming services. According to The Guardian, Disney reported losses amounting to $1.1bn last quarter. 

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