Down the Boozer with Matilda Mann

How many folk singers does it take to change a lightbulb? Fuck if we know, but here's a Down The Boozer with West London's Matilda Mann! 


How many folk singers does it take to change a lightbulb? Fuck if we know, but here’s a Down The Boozer with West London’s Matilda Mann! 

Who are you?

Matilda Mann. 


Amber ale. 

Who’s the best alliterative artist: Adam Ant, Janet Jackson, or Matilda Mann? 

Matt Maltese.

We love Matt! What was it like working with him on your last EP ‘Because I Wanted You To Know‘?  

I’ve always adored his music. I first met him when I was 19 and have worked with him a few times since. His style very much influences mine. We always have a laugh together – if you listen to his lyrics you’ll know that he’s a particularly funny guy.

Were you starstruck meeting him for the first time? 

I think at the beginning I was like oooh, but then I just saw him as a musician. I’ve got this superpower where I can remove myself from big situations – I watch them unfold as if they’re happening to someone else – I think it’s a coping mechanism so I don’t overwhelm myself. 

So you don’t get nervous? 

Of course I do! That’s the point. My natural instinct is to fly under the radar. I actually don’t like the spotlight. Fame is such an odd concept to me. Imagine someone coming up to you and being like, “omg, are you Jake?” – wouldn’t that be strange?

I think I would like that…

Maybe we’re both in the wrong line of work! 

When I first started performing I would mumble when I sang – I think subconsciously I didn’t want people to hear my songs. My confidence has grown with my following. I’ve learnt to put those thoughts to the back of my mind and just enjoy myself. 

Talk to me about your new EP ‘Sonder’. 

Because of lockdown I didn’t have anyone to co-write the EP with, so I stripped my music back to its roots: good lyrics and soulful harmonies. 

I grew up listening to a lot of Laura Marling, and The Staves. I love Laura’s lyrics and the way she phrases things, and I love the musicality of The Staves. They both influence my sound. 

What is sonder?

Sonder is a German word for the sudden realization that passersby have a life as rich and complex as your own. I guess I’m obsessed with strangers. I like writing about other people – it would get boring if I only wrote about myself. 

What was it like playing the Hammersmith Apollo? 

Weirdly enough I wasn’t nervous for that one! I went onstage as excited as the people in the audience; I grew up around the corner from there so it felt like a big milestone. It’s probably the highlight of my life (laughs). 

Is West London best London? 

Absolutely not. We’ve got the river and good pubs, but that’s about it!

What’s your hangover cure?

Lots of water and a big breakfast: roast tomatoes, sourdough toast, a fried egg, mashed up avocados with spring onions and chilli oil, hash browns, mushrooms, maybe, a piece of bacon. And tea. Lots of tea. 

What’s next for Matilda Mann?

My first headline tour! Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, and a show in London at Earth Hackney. I’ve also just dropped a cover of the Beach Boys – God Only Knows

Check out Matilda’s tour dates and Beach Boys cover via the links above. You can also listen to her new EP ‘Sonder’ via the link below. 

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