Montykeates is romantically ‘Unavailable’ on new single

London-based artist montykeates has delivered a drum n’ bass-tinged banger via new single, ‘Unavailable’.


It’s Valentine’s Day, meaning the world is divided between couples staring sentimentally into each other’s eyes, and those who have no interest in any of that soppiness right now.

For rising artist montykeates, his latest track definitely places him into the latter of those two, with its propulsive combination of guitar melodies, D’n’B drops and relatable lyricism.

Opening with the line “I’ve been trying not to fall in love lately, ‘cause I’ve had enough”, the track is a shoutout to all those who feel (yes, you guessed it) unavailable when it comes to love – have a listen as to what that entails below.

Describing the track from his own perspective, montykeates has shared: “Unavailable is a song about love, but it is NOT a love song.

“Unavailable is for everyone who has ever felt like they just simply could not love, the connections with people never going beyond just a fling, and you’re not sorry about it!”

The track kicks off the artist’s 2024 output, and follows the release of the pounding ‘Panic!’ single and alt-rock-meets-hyper-pop single ‘Lose My Head’ last year – the latter of which was marked by a sold-out, 200-capacity launch party at Shoreditch’s 93 Feet East.

With the backing of Meta as one of the ‘Next Gen’ artists for 2024 and more music on the horizon, we can expect plenty more buzz to build around montykeates; just don’t expect him to be available for romance anytime soon.

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