The Sex Pistols unite with Frank Carter for rare live performances

Frank Carter and The Sex Pistols are set to perform together at Bush Hall in a bid to save the historic venue.


Frank Carter and The Sex Pistols are set to collaborate for two exclusive shows to raise funds for the historic London venue, Bush Hall. Promoter John Giddings has organised the events in response to the financial difficulties faced by the venue and similar independent establishments across the country.

The Sex Pistols members Paul Cook, Glen Matlock, and Steve Jones, who grew up nearby, are keen to support Bush Hall. The trio, with Frank Carter on vocals, will perform the band’s iconic debut album, Never Mind The Bollocks, in its entirety.

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Tickets go on sale from 5th June.


Frank Carter expressed his excitement, stating, “This has been a joy from start to finish. When the Sex Pistols call, you answer. I’m very excited to be a part of it.”

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Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook shared, “We’re doing a benefit for Bush Hall with the famous Frank Carter. We’re going to be playing Pistols numbers because they need support and they need the money. We thought it would be a great way to stop it going under. This is my local venue. I grew up in Shepherd’s Bush and I still live round here. It would be a real shame to see it disappear and we want to keep it going. So everyone get down to the gig!”

Guitarist Steve Jones, now based in Los Angeles, humorously added, “If it all goes wrong, it’s Paul’s fucking fault.”

Bassist Glen Matlock, a resident of West London, concurred, “I tend to agree with Steve.” He emphasized the importance of smaller venues: “Smaller music venues are the lifeblood of new music. It’s in these intimate spaces that raw talent gets a chance to shine, where bands can really connect with their audiences, and where the spirit of live music truly comes alive so we need to keep them going.”

The Sex Pistols and Frank Carter will perform at London’s Bush Hall on the 13th and 14th of August.

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