Kate Bush named Record Store Day 2024 ambassador amid vinyl surge

Kate Bush embraces her role as Record Store Day 2024 ambassador, celebrating the vinyl resurgence with exclusive releases from top artists.

Kate Bush

Kate Bush has taken up the mantle of this year’s Record Store Day ambassador, a role she’s calling “a great privilege.”

Record Store Day 2024, set for April 20, is a celebration of indie record shops and vinyl culture, offering exclusive releases from a varied lineup, including The 1975, David Bowie, and many more.

Vinyl’s popularity continues to surge, with a nearly 15% sales increase noted in 2023, defying the streaming-dominated music industry. Bush’s ambassadorship underscores the vinyl revival’s momentum. She’s excited about the medium’s comeback, appreciating its tangible connection between artists and fans.

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In honour of Record Store Day, Bush will release a special 10-inch vinyl of ‘Eat The Music’ from her 1993 album The Red Shoes, complete with original artwork. She draws parallels between vinyl and physical books, highlighting the unique, immersive experience vinyl offers.

The full list of releases has been announced for Record Store Day 2024. CREDIT: Press

Bush advocates for the album format, cherished through vinyl for its artistry and personal touch. As she prepares for Record Store Day, she encourages fans to immerse themselves in the music and artwork specially crafted for the occasion.

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Paramore was previously announced as an ambassador, continuing the tradition of celebrating music’s physical formats. Meanwhile, Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’ has experienced a resurgence, thanks to its feature in Stranger Things, illustrating the lasting impact of her music.

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