Kevin Spacey Set to Return to Hollywood With A New Film

Spacey, who has been accused of sexual assault and abuse, is making his return to the big screen with 1242 - Gateway to the West.

Kevin Spacey

The disgraced actor, who was accused of sexual assault and abuse in 2017, is making his return to the big screen with 1242 – Gateway to the West.

It’s been about 5 years since Kevin Spacey was completely erased from Ridley Scott’s All The Money In The World after at least a dozen men accused the acclaimed actor of sexual abuse. This included Broadway star Anthony Rapp, who accused Spacey of abusing him at a party in 1986 when he was a teenager. 

Since then, the actor has been largely shunned by Hollywood, but that hasn’t exactly stopped Spacey. The actor put out several homemade Christmas videos, playing his House of Cards character Frank Underwood. 

Now, Spacey is looking to make a comeback. The actor has been attached to 1242 – Gateway to the West, a UK/Mongolia/Hungary co-production. Spacey will play “a deeply spiritual man named Cesareani” who confronts Genghis Khan’s grandson Batu Khan. 


The film also stars Eric Roberts, Christopher Lambert and Terence Stamp and will film in October 2022 in Hungary and Mongolia with post-production set to take place in the UK. Aron Horvath and Joan Lane have penned the script and Peter Soos is on directing duties. 

Spacey has continuously denied all allegations and the actor is facing a trial later this year. 1242 – Gateway to the West isn’t the first film Spacey was cast in since his downfall. In 2021, Italian director Franco Nero cast him as a sexual abuse investigator in his film The Man Who Drew God which is now in post-production. 

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