Production companies demand Prime Minister rethink Channel 4 privatisation

An open letter, signed by over 750 production companies, has urged the next Prime Minister to rethink the privatisation of Channel 4. 

Channel 4

An open letter, signed by over 750 production companies, has been written to Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, urging them to rethink the privatisation of Channel 4. 

Organised by the trade body Pact, the letter says it is “critical” that the next Prime Minister “reconsiders plans to privatise Channel 4”, laid out by the present Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries earlier this year.

The letter says: “As independent TV and film production companies, we are deeply concerned about the plans in their current form. We know first-hand how Channel 4’s unique commissioning model has helped thousands of independent production companies get off the ground, and contributed to building a thriving sector. Current plans could have a devastating impact not only on these production companies, but also on the country’s levelling up efforts.

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“You have both declared yourselves as proud Thatcherites, but what better way to honour Margaret Thatcher’s legacy than to uphold the very organisation she set up?”

Channel 4 was created in 1982, during the premiership of Margaret Thatcher.

“We recognise that Channel 4 is not perfect,” the letter continues, “just like every other organisation. However, taking forward privatisation plans in their current form would damage a thriving independent sector, deter voters, and endanger Margaret Thatcher’s legacy. We strongly urge you to reconsider these plans.”

Dorries has said that the sale of Channel 4 is necessary to keep it competitive in the modern TV market. She said the move would allow Channel 4 to raise investment and that it was “a great time to sell”.

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