Nick Cave pens tribute song for Amy Winehouse in upcoming biopic soundtrack

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Back to Black: Songs from the Original Motion Picture is a compelling accompaniment to Sam Taylor-Johnson’s much-anticipated film Back to Black, portraying the life and legacy of the legendary Amy Winehouse.

The album, launching on 17 May, dovetails with the film’s premiere in the UK and Irish cinemas on 12 April 2024, offering fans a deep dive into the musical journey of one of the most gifted artists of our era.

The compilation features 12 tracks, including three originals from Winehouse’s revolutionary debut, ‘Frank’, alongside three from her award-winning album, Back to Black. Notably, the soundtrack introduces ‘Song for Amy’, a new piece performed by Nick Cave. It is enriched by contributions from artists who inspired Winehouse, including The Shangri-Las and Billie Holiday.

Amy Winehouse’s unparalleled talent, which saw her sell over 30 million records worldwide, is celebrated through the film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. The biopic, unveiled in the UK and Ireland by Studio Canal on 12 April 2024 and later in the US by Focus Features, features Marisa Abela portraying the iconic Winehouse, supported by a stellar cast including Jack O’Connell and Lesley Manville.

Back to Black: Songs from the Original Motion Picture will be available in multiple formats, including black and peach-coloured vinyl, CDs, and digital versions. Each will feature a personal note from Sam Taylor-Johnson and behind-the-scenes photographs captured during the film’s making.

As the world anticipates the film’s unique screenings and the accompanying soundtrack, Amy Winehouse’s legacy, a once-in-a-generation talent, continues to resonate with fans old and new. It encapsulates her genius, creativity, and the raw honesty that defined her music and life.

Photo credit: Charles Moriarty

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