Bristol’s Cousin Kula radiate with new album ‘Vitamin D’

Cousin Kula transition from the heartbreak of 'Double Dinners' to the springtime bloom of 'Vitamin D,' offering a lush soundscape of love and renewal.


Bristol-based band Cousin Kula have released their eagerly anticipated second album, Vitamin D, marking a very novel departure from their debut Double Dinners.

Featuring the collective talents of Elliot Ellison (vocals, trumpet, guitar), Will Wells (keyboards, trombone), Douglas Cave (synths, flute), Jordan Woollgar (guitars), and Joe Milkinson (drums), Cousin Kula’s latest offering diverges from the heartache themes of their first album, embracing a more jubilant and carefree narrative.

Bradley Zero, the head of the label Rhythm Section, is enthusiastic about the band’s new direction, saying, “I think it’s fair to say that the band have shaken off the collective cobwebs and are ready for a summer of love!”

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Ellison shares insights into the creative process behind Vitamin D, emphasising the desire to infuse the album with a sense of playfulness and light-heartedness reflective of the band’s dynamic. “We really wanted this album to be playful and fun, not taking itself too seriously. Be representative of us as a group and the energy we have when just goofing around, for that to be something you feel in the music too,” Ellison notes.

Ellison adds, “We wanted to really lean into the ‘weird’. Likewise, with the vocal harmonies, we wanted to make that feature of our sound even more of a thing on this album, like going a bit more sexy BeeGees on it.”

Photo credit: Hannah Rooke

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