Nintendo warns against using your Switch if it gets too hot

It's not just human beings who swelter in the heat - turns out your Nintendo Switch isn't a fan either.


It’s not just human beings who swelter in the heat – turns out your Nintendo Switch isn’t a fan either, and has been complaining…

Nanny state, eh? A bit of weather and social media goes mad, people start telling us what to do, and rebelling against our desire to go out in shorts, a hat made out of a knotted hankie, and slathered in Poundland’s finest sun cream. Pah!

And look who’s at it now, offering sensible advice in a world where sensible advice is an alien concept. Nintendo! At a time in the UK where temperatures are making most of us want to hide inside near a second hand desk fan with very few garments on, Nintendo wants to ban us from using our Switch consoles! Good grief! We can’t get this shit on the front of a tabloid newspaper fast enough!

Oh, hang on.

Nintendo Switch

What’s actually happened is that Nintendo has issued some guidance on play its Switch console in the warm. Specifically, that you shouldn’t use the machine in an environment where the temperate is above 35 degrees Celsius. Cheers Nintendo, I’ll just get out of the oven.

This is actually standard operating procedure as it happens, a side effect of the speed consumer electronics can be pushed to, and the heat they build up. As per a warning on Nintendo’s social media feed – that the fine folks at Nintendo Life picked up and translated – “if the intake and exhaust ports are blocked, the temperature of the main unit may rise. Make the air around the intake and exhaust ports better”.

Furthermore, if the temperature of the unit goes too high, it turns out that a Nintendo Switch will just pack up and switch off. Which is very kind of it. The firm also advises, where possible, popping the Switch in its cradle – assuming you’ve got that model – when you’re playing it.

Basically: don’t get het up playing Mario Kart, and don’t throw your Switch on the barbecue if you lose. Glad we could help.

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