Oxford’s sibling duo Bad Sounds drop sprightly new single ‘On The Ropes’

Ewen and Callum Merrett, known as Bad Sounds, kick off an exciting new year with their latest single 'On The Ropes', offering a spring-like vibe.

bad sounds

Oxford alt-pop duo, Bad Sounds, have unveiled their latest creation, ‘On The Ropes’, a vibrant kick-off to what promises to be another remarkable year for the siblings, Ewen and Callum Merrett.

At the heart of Bad Sounds’ journey is a four-part EP series, with its final chapter, Escaping From a Violent Time, Vol. IV, just around the corner. The duo’s latest offering, ‘On The Ropes’, serves as a lively prelude to this much-anticipated release.

There’s a refreshing spring-like zest to ‘On The Ropes’, reflecting the duo’s ability to blend lightheartedness with their musical talent. Their approach to songwriting is infused with a tongue-in-cheek humour, a part of their repertoire that adds depth to their sound and lets their message resonate.

Accompanying the single is a playful music video that captures the essence of ‘On The Ropes’, now available through Nettwerk. This release not only showcases Bad Sounds’ creative evolution but also sets a lively tone for the year ahead.

Experience the energy of ‘On The Ropes’ and stay tuned for the final chapter of their EP saga.

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