Skepta tries his hand at filmmaking with debut ‘Tribal Mark’

"I hope that kids who watch it will come to see Tribal Mark as their new superhero."


Grime’s very own Skepta is set to make his first foray into cinema with his upcoming film, Tribal Mark.

Known for his prowess in music and fashion, Skepta is now taking on the big screen with a project simmering with potential.

Scheduled for release on January 26th, Tribal Mark is a collaboration between Skepta (Joseph Adenuga) and Dwight Okechukwu. The film is set to premiere nationwide in partnership with Everyman Cinemas, marking a new chapter in Skepta’s diverse creative journey.

Tribal Mark is not just any debut; it’s a film that boasts only a 10 per cent White cast and production team, making it a trailblazer in British cinema. This project under Skepta’s 1PLUS1 Production also features a new track, ‘Gas Me Up (Diligent)’, from his forthcoming album Knife And Fork.

The film introduces viewers to Tribal Mark, an anti-hero in the Black Secret Police, with Skepta envisioning a universe expanding into TV shows and movies, akin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Skepta shares his excitement about this venture: “I’ve always wanted to get into making films, and now feels like the perfect time. We’ve been working on this project for a while, and it’s one that’s extremely important to me. It’s a story that many immigrants will understand and connect with, as it reflects a journey many have gone through – and this project is for them. Our goal is to expand this into a growing world of action and adventure.”

He adds, “There are plans for TV shows and movies, and I hope that kids who watch it will come to see Tribal Mark as their new superhero. This has been a new experience for me, wearing many hats like producing, co-directing, and acting. I’m excited to keep moving forward with Tribal Mark and future projects with my team at 1Plus1 Production.”

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