The South of England is NOISY

We meet the punchy, irreverent, Rock n Roll ravers, NOISY.


The punchy, irreverent, and catchy Rock n Roll ravers NOISY are beginning a measured ascent in Britain’s music world. We spend the day with them in their hometown, Worthing.

England kick-off against Germany in less than four hours. Other than the town’s Wetherspoons, Worthing’s pubs are closed. Doors shut, lights off, taps sealed – pubs closed. I’m only half surprised – we’ve been walking around the seaside town for a couple of hours now, and barely seen a soul. Worthing’s not empty, just peaceful. 

I’m here to meet NOISY – the emerging three-man band from England’s south coast – on the eve of their new single, Young Dumb. After exploring Worthing, we pull up a chair in ‘spoons for a chat. Football is the first – and eventually it turns out the last – thing we talk about, but in between there’s plenty of time for music; specifically, their music.

It’s music impossible to pin down … it’s music impossible to ignore.

NOISY consists of singer/rapper Cody, guitarist/producer Connor, and instrumentalist/producer Spencer. The trio have leapt onto the scene with a series of energetic, lively, in-your-face tracks, which are a strange juxtaposition the apparent serenity of their hometown. It’s music impossible to pin down; more importantly, it’s music impossible to ignore.

“We call it rock and roll rave,” says Cody, when asked to define the genre. Within most NOISY songs, let alone projects, the influence of Rock, Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, and wider Alternative music is clear. NOISY has a definitive sound, make no mistake about it, but the inspirations behind their music are vast, and the willingness to incorporate them ready.

Variety was a key reason behind NOISY’s inception, and remains an essential part of their identity. Despite only being formed in late 2019, the band are old friends and have been making music together since their early teens. Having spent time in a metal band, and more recently an indie group called High Tyde – as well as six years all working as cleaners at the local hospital – the three lads knew they needed a change. For them, NOISY was not just a rebrand, but an opportunity to explore. 

“We felt we’d hit the ceiling. We couldn’t get any further with [High Tyde], and we were just listening to so much different music, we felt it was time to move on,” explains Cody. “There’s a whole other world of sounds for us now,” adds Connor. “And that’s why it’s so exciting. The options are endless. We can sound like whatever we wanna sound like.”


I knew there was an energy in NOISY’s music before I met them. One quick listen reveals a never-ending oomph, breathing through all their tracks. Upon meeting them, I found there is also a genuine energy in how they talk about their music. They’re passionate and it’s instinctive. They don’t quite know which direction each song is going, and that’s part of the fun. 

As they put it: “We’re just tryna make ourselves happy and hopefully people like it.” Sometimes they get a song in a matter of hours. Other times it takes a lot longer. Whatever the case, the same impulsive, urgent vigour drives their creative process. “I think usually it’s just a noise. We’ll hear something or there’ll be a lyric that we’ll get gassed on, and then it’s just trying to maintain that energy between the three of us. You know, how far can we take that noise?”

This was precisely what happened with July 9th’s upcoming single, Young Dumb. Maintaining the drive was a little more difficult, as all three members were self-isolating with Covid-19 at the time and couldn’t come together in their usual home studio. It wasn’t enough to deter them, however, and through Zoom calls and the sending of countless files back and forth, they produced a single they’re proud of – “a proper lockdown tune.”

The song is punchy, irreverent, and catchy. It wakes you up from the get-go, and the chorus will ricochet around your head for days.

Young Dumb is the latest step in what’s been a brilliant eighteen months for NOISY. And yet, for all their early success, there’s been one key element missing for the band. The timing of their formation meant the vast majority of their lifespan has been spent behind closed doors. 

“That’s why you start a band, isn’t it?” says Cody. “You wanna play gigs. So, to have that taken away…it just sucks man. There’s only so many songs you can write without going out and having those life experiences.”

We don’t beat around the bush: we want to be a stadium band.

NOISY did play 15 to 20 shows pre-pandemic, but before amassing anything like the budding fanbase they now have. Since that handful of early shows, they’ve only been able to connect with fans through music videos, social media, and digital streams. It’s worked, they’ve managed, but they’re now ready to get out there for the real thing.

“We don’t beat around the bush: we want to be a stadium band. We’re so inspired by music that makes you feel euphoric. We’re always trying to replicate that sound in everything that we do, but then also keeping it kinda dirty.” Soon, fans are going to get to experience this fusion first-hand. From August 1st until mid-November, NOISY are scheduled to play nearly constant shows, including appearances at festivals such as Reading, Leeds, Boardmasters and Y Not.

It might not be full stadiums quite yet, but the coming months are the perfect opportunity for the band to get out on the road. It’s also a step that the group think they need to take, before their next big release: a full-length LP. 

“I think there’s always an album in the works. At least, we’re always looking towards an album, and I think we kind of know what it’s gonna sound like. We need to get out on the road first and need to grow live. I think we’ve got a lot of music left to give before we put out a full body of work.”

NOISY’s new single, ‘Young Dumb’, is out tomorrow, Friday 9th July.

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