Yellow Days debuts ‘Mrs Moonlight’ video, embarks on global tour

Watch the new 'Mrs Moonlight' video by Yellow Days, exploring themes of love and fleeting desires, as he gears up for his upcoming international tour.

Yellow Days Boris Roylance Thompson

British artist Yellow Days has unveiled a new music video for ‘Mrs Moonlight’, the latest single from his acclaimed album Hotel Heaven. The video features a captivating narrative set within the album’s overarching theme, an intergalactic hotel serving as a metaphor for the excesses of social media and consumerism.

In the video, an omnipotent matriarch, portrayed by Hannah Chinn, muses on love’s elusive nature before leading viewers through a series of enigmatic scenes involving the artist, real name George van den Broek, and his muse, played by Charlotte Manuel. The video captures the essence of fleeting desires, a recurring theme throughout Hotel Heaven.

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Described as a “g-funk bedroom pop opera”, the album blends dreamy psychedelia, alt-pop, and funk. It has garnered praise from critics and fellow artists alike, including Mac DeMarco, Tyler, The Creator, and Tom Waits. Van den Broek’s unique approach to music production, handling all aspects of the album from his home studio in East London, adds a personal touch to his expansive soundscapes.

Speaking about the new single, Van den Broek said, “’Mrs Moonlight’ is about the fleeting. Whether that’s the moon as it passes and returns or a loved one you have to leave behind to see again soon. It’s a song about goodbyes and how painful they are.”

Following a successful UK tour, which included a sold-out show in London, Yellow Days is set to bring his theatrical live performance to Europe and North America. The Hotel Heaven tour will feature performances of the entire album, alongside fan favourites from Yellow Days’ earlier work.

Tour dates include stops in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and several US cities, with performances scheduled from April to July. Tickets here.

Photo credit: Boris Roylance Thompson

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