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An Interview: Episode 11

Somayeh Jafari

Photographer and director Somayeh Jafari draws on her Iranian heritage and its tradition of poetic documentary to create ‘painful beauty’ in all her work.
Up Next: Episode 06

Sam Gregg

Documentary photographer, Sam Gregg explores human emotion through the lens of place and community.
Make Me A Model: Episode 04

Alma Rosaz

In Episode 4 of Make Me a Model, we join fashion photographer, Alma Rosaz, fresh of the back of the Adidas Gardening Club Campaign with Alan Titchmarsh. Expect some bold looks.
Decades: Episode 02

Jack Hill

Award-winning Times photographer Jack Hill has captured the conflict and suffering of war for years. In 2014, along with foreign correspondent Anthony Lloyd, Hill was double-crossed, captured and beaten by a rebel gang in northern Syria. Covering 2006-2016 for our ‘Decades’ series, Hill talks through the hardship and beauty in his work.
Make Me A Model: Episode 03

David Bailey

Arguably the greatest living portrait photographer, David Bailey shot to glittering notoriety in the 60s, snapping the likes of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol and Michael Caine. Our Jake sat down with David in his studio and we filmed it, which begs the question: why haven’t you clicked ‘play’ yet?
Make Me A Model: Episode 02

Rosie Matheson

In episode 2 of Make Me a Model, we sit down with portrait photographer Rosie Matheson to talk winging shoots with Rejjie Snow, medium format photography and her ongoing photo series ‘Boys’.
Make Me A Model: Episode 01

Ray Burmiston

Ray Burmiston has photographed the biggest and the best, from Ricky Gervais to Idris Elba, Kate Moss to Anthony Joshua. And now, for our whynow ‘Make Me a Model’ series, he has the privilege of shooting our very own Jake Denton to kick-off his journey from poser to poster-boy.


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Life on the island of Fuerteventura with Adan de Miguel

'Living in El Cotillo on the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands is like living in a set of Matryoshka dolls. Layers and layers of liquid reality surround and protect us from the threats of the menacing outside world. The wind blows hard and the empty streets give you the impression of being in a post-apocalyptic Dali dream.'

Conservation in Action: A world of wonder with Devin Trull

Devin Trull is a ranger at the Phinda game reserve, which is situated on South Africa's east coast. Home to the 'Big Five' and almost 450 species of birds, Phinda is a leader in the field of conservation and allows Devin to see the beauty of our natural world, which he shares with whynow as part of our 'Conservation in Action' series.

‘Why it’s okay to make mistakes and come to terms with them’ – Folly by Jamie Murray

“I'd like it to feel like they're going on the same journey that these guys have gone on; a slow journey of figuring out who they are, and what life might mean and why we make the mistakes we do. Why it's okay to make mistakes and come to terms with them” - Jamie Murray’s Folly is a self-effacing insight into the prison experience, in and outside of its walls.

‘There’s a sadness about it’ – Elephant by Teresa Eng

Elephant by Teresa Eng explores the nature of change around Elephant and Castle, where she has lived for nearly seven years. With her work often seen as cinematic and even 'poetic', the Vancouver-born photographer talks through her process and previous works, which includes the cathartic, moving and deeply personal 'Speaking of Scars'.

Alexander Missen goes in search of America

When travelling across the United States for the first time, British photographer Alexander Missen was drawn to the visual language of America, the crossover between the America in our imagination and the reality.

Love’s Fire Song by Enda Bowe

Photographer Enda Bowe came second place in the Taylor Wessing Prize, with his photo 'Neil'. Discussing his photo series Love's Fire Song, in which Neil was placed, whynow caught up with the Irish-born, London-based photographer.

Suicide Machine by Dan Wood

"The project was a response to a comment I received from a check-in lady at Gatwick Airport. After looking at my passport, she said: ‘Bridgend, isn’t that where all the suicides are?’"

Bikes of Hanoi by Jon Enoch

Jon Enoch's Hanoi project captures the Vietnam capital's moped delivery drivers in all their scintillating colours, securing the photographer Gold in the Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2019.

Ground Clearance by Owen Harvey

Photographer Owen Harvey has a natural ability of breaking down barriers. Following on from his longterm projects documenting mods and skinheads in the UK, his latest series is an intimate portrayal of lowriding subculture in the US.

ikaria by Lily Bungay

In her series ‘Ikaria’, photographer Lily Bungay turns a thoughtful lens on the inhabitants of one of the world’s so-called ‘Blue Zones’ - regions with the highest life expectancies.

SAREE by Emily Stein

From young ballroom dancers to female magicians, Hackney-based photographer and director Emily Stein is here to celebrate the beauty of the individual in her technicolour collaboration with Getty Creative.

Chelsea by Ollo Weguelin

For Ollo Weguelin, Chelsea has always been a place of fascination: "I grew up on the other side of the river in Battersea and there's some kind of sense of Old England..."

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