Art photographer pays homage to Turkey and Syria earthquake victims

Through striking images, photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten highlights the fallout from earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, channelling the proceeds from her art to support relief efforts.

Above: Asya, a victim of the earthquake, is now living in the UK with her father. Her mother, back home in Turkey, awaits the granting of her visa to reunite with her daughter.

Fine art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten has embarked on a mission to shine a light on the aftermath of devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Initially, Julia was invited by the Turkish Tourist Board to capture the beauty of Cappadocia—a region known for its fascinating rock formations and rich cultural heritage. However, just a week before her scheduled journey, earthquakes ravaged parts of southern Turkey and northern Syria.

Julia still made the journey to Cappadocia, intent on capturing the landscape with her camera. When she returned, she recruited her models from the Turkish and Syrian diaspora, mostly living in London, as well as refugees who were affected by the earthquake and are now living in the UK.

Cansu: “I’m a dancer, and I have been living in England for about seven years now with my family and my dog. I’m currently a sixth-form student preparing to go off to university for Theatre Dance.”

Her latest project aims to fund charities assisting the victims. Julia is urging the public, including our readers, to join her in making a difference, however small, by purchasing limited-edition art prints. The proceeds will go directly towards aiding survivors.

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Julia’s photographs mirror the displacement experienced during the earthquake, showing models floating in the air, a creative metaphor for the incident. The intention was not to capture the tragedy but to stress human vulnerability in the face of nature.












Turkish designer Bora Aksu provided the outfits worn by the subjects, whilst Fashion Editor Leith Clark from Harper’s Bazaar lent her styling expertise to the project.

Follow the links to Bora Aksu and Leith Clark’s Instagram to gain further insight into the project and how you can support Julia’s initiative. To see more of Julia’s work, please visit her website here.

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