Aitch promises to get Ian Curtis mural in Manchester ‘fixed’ 

Aitch has said he will have the iconic mural of Ian Curtis in Manchester’s Northern Quarter “fixed pronto” after it was painted over to promote the rapper’s new album. 

Ian Curtis

Aitch’s debut album, Close to Home, drops this week. And whilst it’s no doubt an eagerly-awaited record from the popular Manchester MC, promo for it has suffered a minor blip.

That was after the album’s artwork was painted over a well-known image of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, which was created by the artist Akse 19.

The mural had first been put up in 2020 to mark World Mental Health Day. Curtis, who was born in the Greater Manchester town of Stretford, took his own life in 1980.

Aitch has since said he knew nothing about the plans for his album to cover up the image of Curtis, tweeting earlier: “It’s come to light that the iconic Ian Curtis mural on Port Street has been painted over with my album artwork.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this, me and my team are getting this fixed pronto. No way on earth would I want to disrespect a local hero like Ian.”

The 22-year-old rapper, whose real name is Harrison Armstrong, has since been praised for his quick response to the issue, though. This has come from the likes of Peter Hook, former Joy Division bandmate of Curtis, and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, who said that whilst Aitch “shouldn’t have been put in this position… Ian is a true icon of our city.”

“He must be fully restored and left in his place for time in memoriam. Thanks to everyone for showing what Ian means to us.”

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